Moritz Gekeler

Who am I

My name is Moritz Gekeler. I am the founder of dolaborate GmbH.

I design and facilitate collaboration experiences for teams and organizations who want to co-create their own future.

My favorite projects involve people who want to work across disciplines, organi-zational silos or even across different organizations. 

My clients come from all over the world. Usually they are looking for support in the process of co-creative strategy making. I also facilitate teams on design or innovation projects and I coach leaders individually, who deal with the challenge of guiding creative teams.


My background

Besides dolaborate GmbH I also work on transformational projects with my second company mermaid & broccoli GmbH

I have gained professional experience in various institutions such as the foresight department of Daimler AG, the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam and the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center in Berlin.

Besides working in the business and social sector, I have taught courses on design management, design research and futures studies at universities in Germany, Switzerland and India. 

dolaborate GmbH

dolaborate GmbH functions as my platform for collaboration and co-creation with different partners, friends and organizations from diverse sectors. 

Many nice projects have come to life based on this spirit of collaboration. For example, the practical guide to design thinking which came out of a project with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in India or the Game of Conflicts, which I have developed together with Roberta Maddalena and Eckhard Schüler-Hainsch

I am looking forward to dolaborating with you too.