Moritz Gekeler

Moritz Gekeler (PhD) is a strategic facilitator and personal coach for creative leadership, collaboration and co-innovation.

He has gained professional experience in various institutions such as the foresight department of Daimler AG, the HPI School of Design Thinking and the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center. In 2015 he founded dolaborate GmbH. Under the brand dolaborate he designs and facilitates collaboration experiences for organizations from different sectors. 

Moritz works internationally with organizations of all sizes in the process of participatory strategy making especially with regard to design and innovation. He facilitates teams on co-creative projects and coaches leaders individually, who deal with the challenge of guiding creative teams. Besides working in the business and social sector, Moritz has taught courses on design management, design research and futures studies at universities in Germany, Switzerland and India. 


Schlettstadter Str. 77
14169 Berlin

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