A whirlwind of creativity blows away all tools

Enabling teams to collaborate better

*to dolaborate [/du:læbəreɪt/]
  • to co-create solutions to complex problems
  • to live curiously and seek constant inspiration
  • to have fun at work while achieving results

Let's dolaborate now!

A magicians hat
Coaching icon
A rocket which stand for co-creation projects
A doctors hat which symbolizes that dolaborate gives trainings in design thinking, design sprint, co-creation, scenario planning, ideation

You define a complex problem
and I facilitate your team


We dolaborate* 1-on-1
and you design
your personal future.


You define the scope
and I dolaborate* 
with your team.


You define the need
and I teach your team
how to dolaborate*..

Selected projects

Let's dolaborate* now!

The image shows a do-person with a moustache explaining something on a whiteboard

Do you want to develop a new product, service or strategy? Are you in need of a future vision for your team? Or do you simply want to understand your customers’ needs better?

According to the specific requirements of each project and client, dolaborate develops exercises, workshop concepts or entire programs that allow every stakeholder to contribute their ideas and to participate in strategic decisions.


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